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JSP/Servlet Hosting - Developers Package - $20/month
Prices in Canadian Dollars

If you need more control of your java environment, the Developers package is the place for you. You can modify the classpath and restart the JVM when you require.

Using a private Java Virtual Machine running Tomcat 5 with an Apache front end provides the fast serving of static content while leaving the real work for Tomcat.

Developer Hosting
$20/ month

Domain Name Services (DNS)

Servlets Included
JSP Included
Private JVM with Tomcat 5 Included

Microsoft® FrontPage® version 2002

Perl 5 Included
PHP5 Included

Database access


Telnet/SSH access


Up to 10GB monthly transfer*


Up to 40 email addresses


1 GB storage Included

Network Speed

1.5 Mbit/Sec

*Additional data transfer $1.00/GB